Dive Pirates


Empowering * Inspiring * Life-Changing

The Dive Pirates Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, positively impacts the lives of its recipients; injured military, first responders, law enforcement and others with mobile disabilities, by welcoming them into adaptive scuba diving which fosters accomplishment, self-worth and community.

The Foundation trains, equips and conducts dive trips year-round to calm, warm-water locations for the safety of those with spinal cord injuries, networking with facilities willing to empower all participants with compassion and adaptation for a positive experience diving and building relationships.

What's in a Name?

Dive Pirates derives its name, philosophy and pirate code from the combination of diving adventure and the romance of the Caribbean, especially the panache of pirates. Traditionally, pirate crews would take care of injured crew members by making them peg legs, hooks, eye patches, etc.

Disabled crew members were not banished from the ship but were given new tasks that they could perform and be useful to the rest of the crew. They were also given a pre-determined cut of the booty in exchange for their contribution.

Dive Pirates continues that spirit by bringing the Adaptive Scuba Divers along with the rest of the crew and cutting them in on the priceless booty of scuba diving in the Caribbean.

The Foundation relies on the generosity of sponsors and donations year-round to make these life-changing experiences happen, which according to the recipients provide wide-ranging benefits lasting well beyond their first plunge into the sea.

The Dive Pirates Foundation is humbled to be chosen by the Cincinnati Watch Company, partnering a part of its proceeds of this beautiful watch to help others celebrate life after injury. Where others see disabilities, we see possibilities!


We See Possibilities

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