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Watch - Product Photography by Michael Svach

We are honored to work with one of Cincinnati's best photographers, Michael Svach, to capture the tiny, the reflective, the textures, the nightmare of taking watch pictures; Michael Svach made it look easy. He worked fast, had magnificent ideas **See Below**, Has the space, the lights, the technology, and the personality to be The Greatest Cincinnati Product Photographer there is. That's right, as decided by the right.

Michael's Magnificent Marvelous Vision

When two mediums are combined in any art often sparks are created. But one must master two mediums in order to properly combine the two. As a master of printing photography Michael was first able to then ingeniously connect a live product shot in front of a printed photograph for the background.

This shot was first taken inside of Michael Svach's Mind sometime before Date of photo shoot. He knew that he had a good shot of the Union Terminal. He edited that photo to have lighting that would look like a spotlight on an actress on a stage. And that the watch would, and does, look magnificent at the end of this spotlights rainbow. And it turned out amazing.

Now, we are proud to work with Michael and again employing his vision. When we walked into his Pendleton Art Studio he already had the Famously Beautiful P-40M During Flight photos provided by The Tri-State Warbird Museum into two framed prints of various sizes.

Anyone familiar with watch photography has found out that taking good pictures of watches is difficult if not impossible. Not for a pro like Micheal. His vision of the final shot, his understanding of setting up images, and his expert use of his technology creates not only amazing large images of our watches but he is able to do it relatively quickly.

Michael Svach and artistic collaborator, .... have taken up residence in The Pendleton Art Gallery and available in person during Final Friday in OTR of every month.

Why Most Watch Shots Are Half In Focus.

You can meet michael and purchase his work at the Pendleton Art Gallery -Studio ...

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