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Watch - Product Photography by Michael Svach

The Cincinnati Watch Company is honored to work with one of Cincinnati's best photographers, Michael Svach.

A photographer of vision who's able to capture:

  • the tiny
  • the reflective
  • the textures
  • the intricacies & subtle details.

Taking pictures of watches is a nightmare, Michael Svach makes it beautiful.

He works fast, has magnificent ideas, has the space, the technology, and the personality to make producing perfect product photography fun.

Michael's Magnificent Marvelous Vision

When two mediums are combined in any art often sparks are created. But one must first master two mediums in order to properly combine the two with rhythm & sync.

As a master of printing photography, Michael first ingeniously connected a live product shot with a printed photograph of his for the background. The outcome, a Cincinnati Watch Masterpiece by Michael Svach.

This shot was first taken inside of Michael Svach's Mind. He knew that he had a great shot of the Union Terminal. He edited that photo to have a lighting effect that would look like a spotlight across the image. He knew the watch would look magnificent at the end of this spotlights rainbow.

His vision turned out amazing.

The P-40M Mechanical Watch

Michael Svach is Cincinnati Watch's John Williams to Steven Spielberg. (*Maybe? C'mon, alittle?) For the P-40M Mechanical pilot watch we walked into his Pendleton Art Studio he already had the famously beautiful P-40M during flight photos provided by The Tri-State Warbird Museum into two framed matted prints of various sizes.

Evolving his method the P-40M Mechanical Watch turned out amazing due to Michaels deft touch and lighting after effects.

For the Cincinnati Watch Company it is important to us to provide the best view of our watches. We spend years creating a new watch, we have considered, scrapped, reconsidered, discussed, measured every detail for many nights during every Ohio season; we require our watches shown to the watch community with the greatest of consideration.

The P-40M Mechanical by Michael Svach

The P-40M Mechanical in front of the famous P-40M restoration by the Tri-State Warbird Museum by Michael Svach

Michael Svach photography, Rick Bell checks the time on his P-40M Mechanical in front of the P-40M RNZAF

Anyone familiar with watch photography has found out that taking good pictures of watches is difficult if not impossible. Not for a pro like Micheal Svach. His vision of the final shot, his understanding of setting up images, and his expert use of his technology creates amazing large images of our watches that base all our digital presence around.

Anyone familiar with watch photography has found out that taking good pictures of watches is difficult if not impossible

Commitment to the Company, To Getting The Shot

Michael explored the Tri-State Warbird Museum in Batavia Ohio where the inspiration of the P-40M Mechanical Watch, the perfectly restored P-40M RNZAF and 13 other completely restored WW2 warbirds are on display.

Walking through this treasure trove of history, it was in the back corner of an exhibit tucked off of the lobby entrance displaying the quarters of were the pilots would have slept while flying and fighting the WW2. Very few photographers, if any, would have noticed how perfect the nightstand hidden in the back corner was to frame the P-40M Mechanical pilot watch.

He got this shot:

Michael Svach, The P-40M Mechanical & the P-40M Mechanical Pen by Opus Mechan

He places the watch's precision parts, unique & delicate intricacies in the right light.

His Method Keeps Getting Better

Introducing, the Cincinnatus Field watch by the Cincinnati Watch Company. Created in partnership with the Freestore Foodbank; a giant & Caring organization working like an army to get donated food to organizations every day on a scale thats hard to imagine.

Michael Svach's photography is on display in The Pendleton Art Gallery and available in person during Final Friday in Pendleton near Over The Rhine, Cincinnati every month.

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