The Cincinnati Union Terminal: Art Deco Temple To Transportation

The Cincinnati Watch Company likes the Union Terminal for more than because it's a great place to take our kids. There is a ton of great content about the Art Deco Temple to Transportation but we are going to focus on the aspects that us watch Nerds like best. The Union Terminal was advanced for it's timeFirst public digital clock IBM synced all of the clocks throughout the stationElectronic and centrally controlled rail yard from Tower AAn Art Deco Masterpiece, The RotundaThe Inspiration for DC Comic's "Super Friends" Hall Of Justice.Cars, Taxis, Busses, and The Streetcar could enter and...

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The Verdin Clock Company in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the home of the Verdin Clock Company. I have driven past both the Verdin Clock Co. wharehouse an infinite number of times and don't know how I did not see this, I discovered the company by admiring the municipal clocks all over Cincinnati; in admiring the clock's face up close, squinting to see on the clock face to read, The Verdin Watch Co", to Google to find that, Oh, that wharehouse literally down the street from me is the Verdin Clock Co.! Every neighborhood in Cincinnati has a Verdin Clock Like most cities Cincinnati is made up many municipalities and smaller cities...

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