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Watch Assembly in Cincinnati, Ohio. USA

Big change for the Cincinnati Watch Company!

Hello Cincinnati Watch Company family. We do consider you all to be a member of the family! Your support has helped us create this dream, and provide funds to worthy American non-profit institutions.

We have looked forward to the day we could evolve. To “In-house” the design, QC and assembly was a long-standing goal from the start, and we knew it would separate us from many other American owned watch brands who outsource every aspect of the watches they produce. Being in more control of our own destiny and quality has been top of mind for us.

We are elated to share this news with you:

Going forward, All Cincinnati Watch Company Watches Will be Designed and Assembled in Cincinnati.

All of our watch casebacks will be marked as such. We had our prototypes completed prior to now, so while you will not see the markings in online photos, they will be added to every unit that ships from today forward:

Designed + Assembled in Cincinnati, OH

Welcome Jordan Ficklin to Cincinnati Watch Company

It's with great pleasure to introduce to you a new co-owner of the Cincinnati Watch Company, Jordan P. Ficklin, CW21.

Jordan has worked in the watch industry continuously since 2001 where he began in watch sales and minor repairs.

He graduated from the Lititz Watch Techinum in 2006 with a WOSTEP Diploma (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program) and as an AWCI Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century (CW21). Jordan is the former Executive Director of the AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute).

He has worked as an independent watch repairer and has received brand specific training from Omega and Rolex. He spent the last 7 years with the AWCI educating future watchmakers and enthusiasts alike.

We are proud to have Jordan as a partner, and the skill he brings to the Cincinnati Watch Company. The watches we are about to release for pre-order will now all be assembled by Jordan in Cincinnati!

Jordan immensely helps the future of the brand as we grow, to train future watch assemblers, and ensure long term in-house servicing/assembly of our products.

You will have the benefit of an expert watchmaker, assembling and regulating your watch prior to shipment. With the purchase of our watch, you are not only supporting a fine non-profit, but you are also supporting an American watchmaker and his family.

Will this change the price of upcoming pre-orders?

When we launch the Diver’s Edition and Cincinnatus Field Watch V2, the price will be the same as we have already stated for the first month of the pre-order. (Diver’s Edition $349, Cincinnatus Field Watch V2 $249).

After that first month the prices will increase, we recommend getting in on the pre-order early, the value equation which was already strong, is now exceptional.

We cannot think of a Dive Watch with a Swiss-made automatic movement, assembled in the US, for $349…. The same can go for the Field watch with an automatic Seiko TMI movement for $249, US assembly.

After the first month the pre-order price for the Diver’s Edition and Field Watch V2 will go up to $395 and $295 respectively. Still a bargain in our humble opinion given the value and care you will receive going into each piece. After pre-order has ended, the Diver’s Edition will be $450 and the Cincinnatus Field Watch V2 will be $350.

But wait there’s more!

In addition to In-house assembly the Cincinnati Watch Company will be establishing a service center, you will be able to send your watch into us for repair! We will service our watches and competitors alike! More on this soon as we prepare the shop for work!

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