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Tri-State Warbird Museum Gala 2019

The Cincinnati Watch Company is always humbled & Grateful to be in the presence of the living organizations we partner with, like the Tri-State Warbird Museum.

We are shown in amazing fashion that the enormous importance of these institutions is made by the money, sweat, and time of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of real people's lives.

Tri-State Warbird Museum is one of these magnanimous organizations!

By restoring we remember. By remembering, we never do it again.

There are amazing people; individuals, families, businesses, and organizations behind the Tri-State Warbird Museum. The Tri-State Warbird Museum has a full time restoration crew working almost daily restoring not only the warbirds of WW2, but history itself bringing to life the sounds and machines that wreaked havoc on each other.

The Tri-State Warbird Museum Gala Batavia, Ohio 2019

Private Companies Making Amazing Things Happen

Companies like GE, Cassady Schiller, Fith Third Bank, KPMG and others donated a considerable amount to make sure the Tri-State Warbird Museum continues to provide living history, to carry a torch into the future. A future with less story tellers of the past, who were there to tell the story of the Living Hell of war. As the Keynote Speaker of the Gala Said, These planes carry the spirit of the soldiers, they tell their stories and the story of WW2.

The Tri-State Warbird Museum's Annual Gala was two giant hangers full of people who's lives help shape the Community and the quality of life we live. The many lives it takes to make an institution like the Tri-State Warbird Museum exist is hard to comprehend; WW2 War Veterans, War Veterans, Board Members, Pilots, Mechanics, Veterans, CEO's, Historians and families of all types.

The Gala Featured Flights by B-25 Mitchell "The Axis Nightmare"! Currently dressed as "Yankee Doodle" from her role in the Netflix Movie "Catch-22". In the video members of some of the crew that flew the Axis Nightmare B-25 over the Atlantic bring her around to show off her engines and precision craftsmanship. Warning: adjust your sound video has engine sound at start.

The Cincinnati Watch Company is honored because when we build a watch with these organization we get to see the entire body of the organization, and all of its members get to share a physical representation of the organization they love, made to honor their work, on their wrist or as a gift. It is a task we do not take lightly.

Michael Carmichael, CEO of Fifth-Third Bank introduced each of the twelve WW2 veterans on hand. Each stood for ovation, acknowledgement of their experience and sacrifice.

The 12 WW2 Veterans at the Gala Individually recognized by the CEO of Fith-Third Bank and All Tri-State Warbird Museum Members

A great party ensued, drinks were poured and groups mingled loudly, many surrounded the Cincinnati Watch Company table trying on the P-40M Mechanical pilot watch and I'm happy to report that we gratefully adorn some of the wrists of the board-members of some of Cincinnati's best corporations. In fact, there may be one specific board meeting coming up where at least three of the members are wearing their Cincinnati pilot watches.

At the end of the night the Tri-State Warbird Museum staff and volunteers worked well into the morning cleaning up and bringing their restored warbirds into the hanger.
When the party was over, the warbirds were tucked into bed.

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