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The Original Cincinnati Watch Company, The Gruen & Sons Watch Co.

This Cincinnati Watch Company would like to thank and highlight The original Cincinnati watch company, "D. Gruen, Sons & Company" One of the first precision mechanical watch companies in the United States. From 1894 to 1954 Gruen revolutionized the watch industry, several times their patents changed the watch making world. The study of time and the art of making watches is called "Horology" Gruen Instrumental Company in Cincinnati's Finest Age The Gruen Watch Co built a World Renown American watch guild known as Time Hill on East McMillan in Cincinnati, Ohio. Just down the street from the...

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1940's Cincinnati. A 1946 Cincinnati Union Terminal Clock Story and The Cincinnatian

In honor of 1940's Day at Lunken Airport this Saturday, August 11, 2018 we intend to spotlight The Greatest Generation and Joe Haworth was a stalwart of That Bunch. Our generation is only alive because the 1940's generation survived war and returned, worked hard and had kids. Lots of them! This video is from past years 1940's Day, such an awesome video we had to share. 1940's Day 2018 is this Saturday, August 11. The 1940's Introduced the most luxurious train at the time, The Cincinnatian. Cincinnati had our own train! The first to be air conditioned, The Cincinnatian went from Cincinnati...

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The Cincinnati Union Terminal Clock

Our Blog: There are many great people and resources who have done a terrific job gathering resources, facts, and images of the Union terminal over the decades. It is not our intention to recreate the story of the Cincinnati Union Terminal, or assemble the vast resources onto one blog; instead we aim to acknowledge and share the resources by linking to them while discussing in our blog what we find tremendously important. The links will open in a new tab for you to check out these great resources so be sure to see the embedded links throughout the articles for great resources and historical...

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The Cincinnati Union Terminal: Art Deco Temple To Transportation

The Cincinnati Watch Company likes the Union Terminal for more than because it's a great place to take our kids. There is a ton of great content about the Art Deco Temple to Transportation but we are going to focus on the aspects that us watch Nerds like best. The Union Terminal was advanced for it's timeFirst public digital clock IBM synced all of the clocks throughout the stationElectronic and centrally controlled rail yard from Tower AAn Art Deco Masterpiece, The RotundaThe Inspiration for DC Comic's "Super Friends" Hall Of Justice.Cars, Taxis, Busses, and The Streetcar could enter and...

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The Verdin Clock Company in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the home of the Verdin Clock Company. I have driven past both the Verdin Clock Co. wharehouse an infinite number of times and don't know how I did not see this, I discovered the company by admiring the municipal clocks all over Cincinnati; in admiring the clock's face up close, squinting to see on the clock face to read, The Verdin Watch Co", to Google to find that, Oh, that wharehouse literally down the street from me is the Verdin Clock Co.! Every neighborhood in Cincinnati has a Verdin Clock Like most cities Cincinnati is made up many municipalities and smaller cities...

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